Friday, March 18, 2011

living room make-over . . .

So I have had a bee in my bonnet this spring to remodel our living room. It started with wanting to paint it to make it warmer and more homey which then led to many other ideas. :) A couple of months ago we settled on a color, Athenian Green and I took a Tuesday off (Ben's day off) to stay home and have a painting party. I thought about surprising Ben and painting one one of his trips this Feb/March but being that he professionally painted for years I figured it would be better to do it together and have it look really nice . . . professional. I LOVE being married to a handy man!

We also, as you will see in this post, got a print framed that we got a couple of years ago with wedding money. I've been wanting to hang the picture for several months but knowing we were in transition moving to CA and back to AK I waited. Ben LOVES the picture as any serious hunter would. I've done other work this week to "remake" the room but I will post that a little later. I'm not a Joani Kroon/Curtis or an Amanda Bacon the home making queens but it is fun to test the creative juices and make your home feel more welcoming and more like us!

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