Friday, December 31, 2010

Blake and Natalie

last minute reminders before the ceremony

Blake, Natalie & Ben

Courtney and Amy Elder, Blake's sister and mother

running out to their gettaway mobile, a snowmachine, BRRRR!!!

About the "marrying" part of my last blog . . . well it turns out Ben got to practice his pastoral skills this week performing his first wedding for some friends of ours at FBF. Ethan Hansen, our senior pastor was lined up to officiate Blake and Natalie's wedding last night but a family emergency came up a week ago Thursday.

Ethan got a call from his brother in Dallas, TX saying their 16 year old son, Ethan's nephew, was killed in a car accident. Ethan's parents had just arrived two days prior to AK to spend the holiday in AK with the Hansens but all that changed quickly in a matter of hours. The grandparents flew out immediately to TX and the Hansen's left this past Sunday.

Blake and Natalie called Ben last Saturday and asked if he would offciate in Ethan's place. Of course Ben accepted and was honored to be asked. He was a little nervous not having had much time to mentally prepare for the ceremony but he did an awesome job! Blake and Natalie are happily married and Ben is greatful all went well with the last minute change.

I know I am biased but I must say my husband is a natural, truly when it comes to being a pastor!

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Hey Ben and Anita!
Steve and Paula Runyan here!
We would love to have you all over for dinner sometime soon.
We live just inside the Willow line, so we're not too far away.
Just drop me an email, and we can set up a date.
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