Friday, March 18, 2011

introducing my Ruger 308 . . .

Here my friends and family are the looooooong awaited pictures of my Christmas present this year. Ben bought me my own personalized rifle. By personalized I mean it fits me like a glove! For those who don't shoot or own their own guns, shooting with a gun that doesn't fit your body is like running a marathon with shoes that are way too big. The specs you ask? I have my very own compact, Ruger, model 77, 308, stainless laminate rifle. Even I am learning a bit about ballistics. :) I'm already in the running to be the next Annie Oakley. Okay, maybe not THAT good yet.

This past week was my spring break and Ben and I went out to Willow to go shooting. We . . . by we I mean Ben sited in our rifles. He took his 3006 and I had my 308. I LOVE shooting my gun it makes all the difference in the world to shoot a gun that fits perfect! Due to my competitive nature we HAD to have a shoot off. I know, REALLY compete with a man who has been shooting since he was 4 years old (no lie) and yours truly has been shooting half a dozen times in my LIFE. I wasn't afraid of failure I wanted to see how close I could get to Mr. Shootist himself. Take a look at the groups that were on the target. Ben shot the two right handed diamonds and I shot the two left handed diamonds. We both got 5 shots per target. Two of my top shots went right through each other. Three of his were overlaid. The middle grouping was a free shoot of mine after the competition was over.

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