Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Graduation Banquet

me and my handsome man

Jim, Lynda, Anita, Ben, Dorothy, Tim

fillet mingon

a desert to die for

Kim Holland, my seminary wife table leader (Bible study group)

Bob & Teri White, Ben's seminary advisor and the couple that did our premarital counseling

This past week has been full and filled with fun memories as family flew down to visit and see Ben graduate from seminary. My parents flew down Thursday so Ben and I had some time with just the two of them Thursday and Friday before Ben's mom and step-dad flew down from Spokane on Saturday.

The graduation festivities officially kicked off Saturday night with a formal banquet at Grace Church. They served fillet mingon with mashed potatoes, vegetables a scrumptious salad and a to die for chocolate desert. A couple of graduating seminary students shared their testimonies along with some other faculty sharing about the seminary in general. They also had special music performed by some friends of ours. It was a special evening.

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cathy said...

We are so sorry to miss the graduation on Sunday.
I'm sorry we couldn't meet the parents either!!