Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Tea

petifores (sp?)

For Mother's Day we (okay, I) planned a Mother's Day Tea after church because I knew the day would be shadowed and busy with graduation that night. I actually learned about this particular "tea shop" in the newspaper and it turned out to be a really cute and perfect place to celebrate with our moms.

We took our moms to "The Tea Gardens" about 15 minutes from our apartment and had a fun "high tea" and lunch outside in the sun. I had never experienced "high tea" before so it was fun to see how it works. Basically, my the little knowledge and experience I have "high tea" is more than a cup of tea it is an three tiered eating extravaganza. The top tier of the tray they bring out has tea sandwiches (the cute small ones you cut the crust off of), the second tray has scones with a cream spread and jelly, and the third and final tier has a variety of petifores (little fancy deserts) to sample while you drink your tea.

Ben was a little skeptical at first and commented as he drove in the parking lot, "Hey, there's an I-HOP next door!" in secret hopes that the tea shop might be too busy and we'd have to "settle" for omelets and pancakes. He loved the experience after it was over though. I think he'd even go back again . . . if it was for something as sacrificial as celebrating our mothers. :)

It was a really memorable time having both of our moms with us and something that may not happen again for a long, long time (having the two of them together on Mother's Day). We love you Dorothy and Lynda!

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