Sunday, May 30, 2010

farewell party

Little Miss Mehringer

Darry and Cathy Duhm (neighbors and one of Ben's bosses at Cragoe)

Molly, Emma Grace and Ben

Darry & Cathy with their happy foursome

Teri White (Bob and Teri did our premarital counseling)

Jason & Tammy (seminary friends from Mississippi)

This weekend we had a going away open house at the Gillespie's house (seminary friends) to say good bye to people we've met while being here in So Cal. There were just a handful of people that stopped by, a lot people were out for the holiday weekend, but it was fun just the same and nice to have time to chat with those who did make it. Thanks Jason and Tammy for opening up your home!

We are going to miss the sweet fellowship we have here. God has blessed us with several life long friendships during Ben's four years and the year and a half I have been here. It's exciting to think about how our paths may cross again in future years Lord willing.

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