Sunday, May 16, 2010


Tim and Dorothy

Tim, Dorothy, and Aunt Becky

the hood

Jonathan and Stephanie Niednagel (Ben's hunting buddy and the couple I stayed with when I first moved to CA)

Ashley and Reese Mehringer

reception cake a friend made

Rick and Kim Holland (my seminary wives leader and Ben's hunting buddy)

Last Sunday Ben graduated from seminary with his Masters in Divinity (MDiv). He's been going to school the past four years in hopes of moving into full time ministry preaching the teaching the Bible. This was his second round of college after getting a bachelors in Education and teaching in Alaska for 4 years. It was during his time working and teaching in the Alaska Bush that he had a change of heart professionally and was burdened to teach the Bible, not reading, writing and arithmatic to students.

The Lord has brought Ben through a loooooong and TOUGH 4 years of seminary. Greek, Hebrew, Old and New Testament Studies, Hermeneutics, Ordination Prep, Theology class after Theology class the list goes on. Spending this last year married I have seen first hand some of the time and work he has poured in to learning the Bible and preaching and teaching others. He is on the verge of being completely done finishing one last class this summer, Pastor's Home. The best part of his summer class is that he has to take me on a date as an assignment, something he plans and puts together and I "grade" him on how he does . . . it's an easy grade class that covers the heart of pastoring issues, one being a godly and loving husband. Not a bad idea in my mind! The end of June we will be heading to Faith Bible Fellowship in Big Lake where he will be the youth/associate pastor at the church. We are thrilled to be wrapping up our time here and feel blessed to have a church (in a state we LOVE) to go to as soon as we're done. God is faithful.

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