Monday, April 26, 2010

Mother's Day ideas

Today at work as I reviewed the calendar and holidays with K-2 students . . . preparing to change the month to May this coming weekend I got some pretty cute responses to Mother's Day gift ideas. We go over the day of the week, the month and upcoming holidays. When asked what students were planning on doing or giving their mothers I got the following responses:

* I'm going to get a giant jumping house in our back yard so she can jump in it, but she can't be too crazy because she has a baby in her belly again.

* I'm going to give my aunt a Sponge Bob puzzle. I got a set of 6 Sponge Bob puzzles and they are 100 pieces! That's too many for me. I don't like them.

* (this kid with total enthusiasm, he could not WAIT to answer) I'm taking my mom to see Iron Man II!! It comes out on May 7th.

* I'm going to buy her dinner, chocolate, and candy.

* I'm going to make my mom a painting.

* (little girl's response) I'm going to rub my mom's feet. (boy's response) That's disgusting. Feet stink! (girl's response) MY mom's feet are clean.

* (one of my personal favorites) I'm getting my mom a plasma TV!! (my response) Wow, that's an expensive gift! (boy's response) I have 30 bucks!! (Good luck financing that!)

* I'm going to build my mom a lego city . . . (think's about it) a GIRLY lego city!

* I'm going to give my mom a snail. We have snails all over our sidewalk. (what every mom always wanted)

* I'm going to give my mom a manicure. (Yes, these are southern CA children some of whom have grown up celebrating their birthdays at all day spas as 6 & 7 year olds)

To all the mom's out there reading this, Happy Mother's Day! I'm looking forward to celebrating Mother's Day this year with my mom and Ben's mom in LA! They will both be here that weekend for Ben's graduation from seminary. Yeah! :)


cathy said...

That is too cute!! I love all the responses!! I can picture a lego tower for my centerpiece this year!!
(Built by the boys and DAD!!)

ace said...

Molly can add the GIRLY touch to your lego centerpiece. :) Too funny!