Friday, April 09, 2010


The Hortons

Clive and his Pa trying out his new hunting hat

Clive or as I call him "Little Bubba" (Bart and Amy's little man)

cards and John Wayne

Ben and me upstairs in our loft bedroom, super cute and cozy

Schat's Bakery . . . AMAZING bread!

Bart and Ben on the way out of Mammoth

This past week was Ben's and my spring break. We had the opportunity to spend the first three days/nights of it up in Mammoth with our friends Bart and Amy Horton staying at another friend's cabin there. Amy's brother Jesse was in town and got to come with us too. We had a blast! It was super relaxing, super snowy, and super beautiful! The perfect break from big city life.

We played lots of spades and watched two or three John Wayne classics (thanks mom and dad for the Christmas gift) along with seeing some of the sites. For those who don't know Mammoth is a huge ski resort (20+ chair lifts) on the east side of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. It's right around 8,000 feet elevation and we were feeling it walking up and down stairs and hills. The had 6-7 feet of snow build up when we got there and the night before we left is snowed 3 more feet delaying our drive home a few hours. The guys ended up having to take a shuttle bus in to town to get chains for our cars b/c it was too slippery to move. Rather humorous that two Alaskans were so unprepared for snow.

Ben and I were going to go from their to Yosemite just the two of us after that for a couple more nights but 4 highways connecting Mammoth to Yosemite were closed for the winter which would have made a two hour drive over a mountain range an 8.5 hour drive going south almost all the way back to our apartment or north as far as Lake Tahoe and back down. We opted to forgo Yosemite as much as we wanted to see it b/c the snow was coming down so hard and Yosemite reported having just as much meaning the interstate may have closed as well. We'll have to make the trek back down sometime in the future to explore Yosemite.

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