Saturday, March 15, 2008


Tammie coming down a hill

John...a natural, he drove circles around us (it was his first time driving too)

Mom and Dad doing their practice run in the field

While we were in Charlotte, my uncle John planned a surprise outting one day...a trip around a southern plantation on....yes, segways! When we first got there I thought, "awesome a plantation tour or hike!" Then we parked in front of a field with rows of segways and my comment to my cousin (we drove separate) was, "Segways? On a plantation, I wonder who does that?" Brittany smiled real big and said, "We do."

I've always thought segways were a little goofy, but after riding on off road segways for a couple hours around is a lot of fun!! For those Ellers and Burdines who may not believe it without seeing they are! Dad AND mom did it too! We had a blast! Great idea uncle John!

Side note, one segway costs approximately $6,000 so I have decided to forgo getting one of my own! My current CAR didn't cost that much!

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Kari Smith said...

I love love love that you got to ride on a segway! I saw them in St Louis this fall and thought they looked like fun! Maybe next time you hit up Minneapolis we can hop on one of the city segway tours! :)