Sunday, March 16, 2008

Eight Days

Eight Days That Changed the World...

Palm Sunday: Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem

Monday: Temple was cleansed
The Greeks sought Jesus

Tuesday: Leaders questioned Jesus (issues with healing on a Sabbath)
Jesus gave the Olivet Discourse

Wednesday: Judas made a deal with the leaders (to later betray Jesus)

Thursday: Peter and John prepared the passover meal,
Jesus ate the passover meal with his disciples
(also known as the Upper Room Discourse)

Friday: Jesus arrest, trials and crucifixion

Saturday: Sabbath (day of rest)

Easter Sunday: Jesus RESURRECTED
Jesus appeared to his disciples in the Upper Room

Today was Palm Sunday, the day 2,000 plus years ago that Jesus humbly road a donkey into Jerusalem, a journey that would lead to his excrutiating death on a cross. The GOOD NEWS about this journey was the outcome of his death...HE ROSE AGAIN conquering sin, death and Satan FOREVER CHANGING HISTORY!

When people talk about the "good news" of the Bible, THIS is what it's about. Jesus wasn't just a man, a prophet, a good guy...he was 100% God and 100% man, a being like none other in history. Through his death and resurrection he restored a way for us to have a right relationship again with the God who created us. Not just in heaven some day, but right now here on earth.

Last semester my Gospels professor, Dr. Hulbert, talked about "The Eight Days that Changed the World" breaking down the final events leading to Jesus death and resurrection. I had never laid it all out before in a timeline format, but truly these 8 days we are going through this week were, thousands of years ago, days that forever changed history.

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Jen said...

Anitiwa!! Oh how I despertly want to be at the beach are things coming with that? Are you packed out, did you have to do the two places to stay or sticking with just the beach house? I cant remember if we chatted about it on her yet or not. I loved getting the invite and sitting/playing/reading (oh to read) with a bunch of girls and one amazingly beautiful woman of God turning 30 would be fab. Let me know how its all coming together. Not sure how it would all work out and was waiting to see if Kris had youth camping trip that weekend...Love the Eight Days..we are so there this week with the boys. Keaton "gets" it this year now that he is six. Lotta elem theology goin on @ the Howells. Hugs,Jen