Saturday, March 29, 2008

fun at frankie's

of course a little dance dance competition!

Lazer tag anyone?!

Fletcher with his Saudi friends, Hakeem, Nasser, Hassan, and Muhamed

Noah and Nate heading to the batting cages

Kristin feelin' like a NASCAR racer

Me and my pirate lovin' roommate Kristin!

Nicole, me Hannah, Gloriana, Rachel

A group of my friends and I went to Frankie's Fun Park tonight. It's a step above Chuckie Cheese but not as upscale or wild as Six Flags. We had a blast! I was inviting a girl from one of my classes to come this past week and she said, "Oh ya, Frankie's Fun Park, I went there for my 12th birthday!" To which I responded, "Sweet, I am going for my 30th, you oughta come!" We laughed hard!

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Kari Smith said...

Frankie's looks like a blast! Maybe I should have my 30th birthday in South Carolina!