Sunday, March 16, 2008


This is an unusual blog entry today, but as I was spending some quiet time this afternoon at a park I wanted to say "thanks" again to my parents for spending their spring break and vacation time with me. It is rare, too rare, that I say "thanks" to my parents for things they do...maybe b/c I come to expect all that they do, maybe b/c I just simply take it for granted. Whatever the reason I thought I'd share a little note how much I appreciate my parents.

This past week we had a fantastic time seeing extended family, traveling the area, talking, eating, and resting. Dad and I went on three runs together...Charlotte, Charleston (bridge), and Columbia (on one of my favorite trails). Mom and I went SHOPPING and basically did an extreme home-make over in my room...THANK YOU!!! They paid for a car repair, gas, touristy stuff, groceries, AND new clothes (just because).

My friends everywhere have told me how blessed I am to have parents like I do. They have adopted some of my friends (from other states) as surrogate daughters and send them flowers for valentines day as if they were part of the family...making THEIR day! They have also adopted some of my friends children as surrogate grandchildren b/c they LOVE to LOVE on people! My parents are truly a rare find today and I am blessed to have them as my OWN!! Thanks again mom and dad for EVERYTHING!! I had so much fun with you!

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Kari Smith said...

AMEN and AMEN!! Your parents are truly amazing people, overflowing with the love and generosity of Christ! I am so excited that you got to spend a week with them and I am so blessed to be called one of their surrogate daughters!

Thank you Jesus for Mama and Papa Eller and for your love that flows so freely out of them!

(they also produced some pretty amazing offspring! Love you Anita!)