Friday, June 29, 2007

sting rays!

Cathy's sting spot, we had to monitor her foot and leg color that evening

One evening the junior group came over to our beach house for a huge dinner and worship time addition to some much appreciated beach time for the juniors. Alaina Wright and Cathy Winter both had a run in that night with sting rays. Luckily or providentially Josue and Esaul were both there that night from our sister church in Rosarito and they knew immediately what had happened. Josue told them they needed to go the hospital. They were both given shots and antibiotics to clear the poison out of their systems and make sure they didn't have any bad side effects.

The rest of the trip we (the girls) stuck to the neighborhood pool for our "beach side" needs but the boys continued to make good use of the ocean and there were no more inicidents after. Another awesome thing about this beach was the number of porpoises we saw. Almost every evening and occassionally in the morning we'd see pods of porpoises swimming down the coast. It was fun to watch!

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