Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ministry at Grace Children's Home

We're back from Rosarito and there is much to share! Thank YOU for those who were covering us in prayer, God answered in many ways. The group was unified, flexible (a definite must in Mexico), and always ready and willing to step up and help out at the orphanage AND back at our beach house.

The intent of this trip was two fold. One to be service oriented which was definitely fulfilled through our time at the orphanage, Grace Children's Home. The other intent was to be relational, to have time as a group to share, reflect and bond before they head off to college and begin a new chapter in their lives. This was also fulfilled during our times together at our house. It was the perfect fit for this group and the perfect trip. I will share more stories and pictures in the next couple days but here is a quick snapshot of what we did while we were at GCH. We started our days there about 11:30 hanging out with kids, eating lunch with them, helping with homework (older kids) and playing with the younger kids. The guys helped out too during that time with building projects for the education center they are in the midst of building. The last couple hours was spent doing a more "structured" time with a VBS we prepared. Cathy and Diana would kick us off with some fun worship songs in Spanish and English then a pair of seniors would do a Bible lesson, we'd have a craft, game time and snack time following.

Erin and Xavier's Bible lesson interpreted by Mayerly

Craft Time with Amanda and Becky

Rec' Time with Cody and company, we did a waterballoon toss game that day and it was a hit!

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