Thursday, June 28, 2007


George, Stacey and Markus Palau

There is one key family that oversees the ministry and day to day life at Grace Children's Home, George and Stacey. They are from Southern California and moved down to GCH two years ago as full time missionaries. They have two adopted boys from Mexico George and Eric and one biological son, Markus as their immediate family. Their extended but VERY close family consists of 20+ (growing in numbers) Mexican children.

As I watched Stacey in particular day to day I commented to her that they have been given a true gift and ability. While they do have help and daily assistance (2 house moms, cooks/maids, interns, other families on occassion) they oversee day to day life with amazing patience, flexibility, godliness and love. It was a blessing to work along side them and be able to learn more about opportunities to serve and general info and reality of how an orphanage works.

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