Monday, June 11, 2007

Grace Children's Home

This Saturday is our final youth trip with our Seniors. We'll be flying down to San Diego and then driving across the Mexican boarder near Rosarito where we were last year. This year we'll be working at an orphanage with 20-30 children doing a VBS. I've added their blog link to my page "Grace Children's Home." From what I/we know right now there is a Senior center close by that is connected relationally to the orphanage. The Seniors in assisted living situations volunteer their time to help at the orphanage and build relationships with the children there that have no family. I love that idea and am looking foward to seeing how it all works.

We had our final trip/prep meeting last night at the Howell's where everyone had a chance to meet and practice their Bible lessons. There are 14 students going and four leaders this year. In our "off" time we are lodging at a beach house nearby where we'll have a relational group time. The students will get to share their testimonies with each other and high lights from the past serveral years and the leaders will do various devotions focusing on "not drifting" as they head into this next chapter...adulthood! Some of the topics include dating, Christian campus ministry, accountability and Christian friends and mentors. I'm looking forward to sharing about "mentoring" and how my mentors impacted me in college and beyond. Thanks Merry and Karen!


Kari Smith said...

I'm excited to hear about the trip!! I pray that the Lord used taht time to grow, not only your youth, but you as well to have a heart to love and serve his people.

Also, how did the short hair work out? :)

ace said...

Stay tuned, I'll be blogging a lot about the trip in the next couple days. The goes crazy flippy/curly if I don't straighten it, but it worked out great. It was very cool to have it off my neck all the time.