Thursday, June 28, 2007

a growing family

Francis, Isaac, Jacobo

Our third day at GCH three new children, a sister and two brothers, joined the family. Stacey met them at the entrance to welcome them in. Shortly after they were met by a handful of other children and shown around the home. After being given the full tour they were fitted with clothes and shown to their own rooms.

The older sister, Francis was 8 years old and warmed up rather quickly. Her younger brothers Isaac (6) and Jacobo (5) had a harder time and were anxious for awhile. Stacey shared that the children that come to the orphanage have to be in VERY dire circumstances to be placed there.

What a refuge and place of growth and opportunity for those who DO come! They go from intense situations and pain to a huge loving home where they are fed, clothed, loved on, schooled, and greater yet taught about the LOVE of God. I'm thankful we got to be a part of that day and process of seeing their family grow.

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