Monday, October 02, 2006


Friday night 6 of my senior girls spent the night for a Bible study sleepover. This summer after our trip to Mexico 8 girls committed to read through the Bible in a year. We met once for a shorter time about six weeks ago but had a full fledge overnighter devoted to it this time.

We are following a similar format to two other groups of teens from WBC. There are 8 "check points" throughout the study where we get together to get our next reading sheet, talk about what we've read, things we've learned and questions we have about different passages. We are also paired into "Barnabas Buddies." Barnabas is a man in the Bible that was known to be an "encourager." Our Barnabas Buddy is a girl that we are accountable to throughout the year to touch base with once a week and encourage to keep on track.

Our study time and sharing was awesome. I wish we would have done this type of study in years past. I love hearing what other people are learning and to be challenged personally to keep up and be reading my own Bible daily. We had a fantastic night of fellowship! Blessings on you girls! I am proud of you!

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