Saturday, October 21, 2006

Africa Night!

Friday night I invited my senior girls over for an "Africa Night!" I wanted to have an entire night to share about my trip this summer, eat, learn and hang out so this was it! Nine girls came and shared first in a home made curry dinner. Yes, Joani, wonders never cease. I cooked a foreign meal from scratch and it turned out pretty darn good if I say so myself. So the girls were seated at the table with bowls and glasses. No silverware, no napkins. I wanted to give them the full Indian experience that I had eating at the home I spent the night at while I was in Durban. This time I got to sit back and enjoy watching them fumble and figure out how in the world to get the curry and rice mixed and in their mouth. They also had to figure out how to pass food and pour drinks with only one clean hand. A very rich experience indeed!

After dinner we sat around and talked over a cup of hot 5 Roses Tea with milk and sugar...very European but popular with ALL the people in Durban. They also got to sample some curry flavored "chip snacks" for lack of a better term. Caiti, one of the girls brought amazing cupcakes to wrap it all up. Thanks Caiti!

We moved into the family room for a slideshow/power point where I shared some history and general info on South Africa as well as update them on the current and future ministry plans of the Embrees and ministry opportunities in S.A.

The night wrapped up with a little lesson in Zulu. I pulled together some basic words from a beginning Zulu book I bought and had them guess different terms. They did surprisingly well! For those language buffs that are ACHING to know some for yourself..."Halala" means "welcome," "Sawubona" means "hello," and "Hamba Kahle" means "Good bye."

Hamba Kahle for now!


Ella Embree said...

Keep up the promotions. When we move to Jo'berg, we will have a larger place, plus a furnished guest home and an extra car for any visitors. Just start saving for the ticket!!

bacon lady said...

Sorry is missed it! Sounds like a fun night.. what I wouldn't give to see them eating without utensils!! Later Gator.

Joani said...

Anita Eller!! The wonders do never cease!! =)