Sunday, October 01, 2006

Kenai River Marathon

This weekend was a two for one bonus trip down south. Not only did I get to see my senior girls and some other WBC youth run at the state cross-country meet, I got to run in a race myself! About a month ago Rebecca Buchanan asked me if I'd like to join a marathon relay team for a race in Kenai. I eagerly said yes, not having or making the opportunity to do a fall race very often.

I didn't realize at the time but this was a first annual marathon in Kenai and all in all it went really well and was a great course. There were four on our team, Rebecca, myself, Kristy Smith (a friend from high school that teaches) and Trisha Kenny (another teacher friend). We each took a leg of the marathon and had a blast! Our overall unofficial watch time was 3:18. There were about 6 other relay teams, two high school teams...runners that had just competed in the state meet!! They ran significantly faster than we did. :-)

After doing a couple relays with my youth girls and now this one, I really like racing on a team. It breaks up the length and you have your own personal cheering section at check points and you work together. I highly recommend trying a relay race it's diffent but a blast!

This is a pre-race picture of our team. The weather was drizzly with a nice chill, how's that for a meteorology report? Hence the winter coats and pants! The baby is Toby Rebecca's son...he was not in the race but was a trooper car rider! Rhett, Rebecca's husband was our check point transporter. Thanks Rhett!

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