Saturday, October 07, 2006


Thursday night was our kick off bunko game for this year! For those who don't know bunko is a mindless dice game that really is more of an excuse to get together and catch up than it is a game taken seriously. There are 12 in our group, three newbies this year since Carrie, Jane and Deanna moved out of state. We met at Kroon's for school color/jersey night. Wasilla, Houston and Palmer high were all represented. No Colony, it barely opened before our group graduated high school. Crazy to think it's not that old, or I guess that we ARE that old! Good times were had! We might have to come up with a bunko cheer...any takers, Amanda??


Ella said...

SOUNDS LIKE A BLAST. I have been playing Disney Yattsee, Animal bingo, and my first Uno. Maybe I can join in in 2008???

Adopting Little Sissy said...

Bunko is so much more than a game taken seriously....I love it. It is my eat all the treats I want and get prizes kind of friend time! So glad I get to visit with ya there Anita. We are all nutso. GO WASILLA WARRIORS, WE WILL WIN TONIGHT... Uno is great fun with the kids Ella, but bunko is a total recharge!

ace said...

Ella, if I'm hear in 2008 I'll put you in the pool! You would LOVE it! If they've got a "roster" filled you can be a sub and fill in for girls...we ALWAYS need subs. Miss you guys!

Marie VW said...

I'm glad there was a little blue in that picture. That turned out great!! I love our group!

AB said...'s our cheer:
Need a break? (clap clap) Bunko!
Eat some sweets? (clap clap) Bunko!
Roll some dice, chat a lot, win a prize.. BUNKO!!!
Oh yeah, and GO WARRIORS! hee hee
Totally lame, but you ASKED for it Miss Eller.

ace said...

You're awesome Amanda! All the HS cheering paid off! :) Do you have a dance to go with it??