Sunday, January 22, 2006

S.A.L.T. Retreat

I'm a little behind with this blogging stuff, but last weekend, the 14th, I had the awesome opportunity to speak at the Jr/Sr. SALT leader retreat on PRAYER. Kind of crazy, or not so crazy, that this came up after feeling impressed to work on this very thing myself this year! For those of you who where there I hope you took something away from it and that it was a good time of study and personal reflection.

It just so happened to be a super chilly frosty weekend out in Big Lake and I was able to soak in MORE beautiful scenery. Everything outside was frozen, thick with FROST, and we had a perfectly clear view of McKinley too! Thank you Jesus, AGAIN for the awesome beauty you bless us with in AK!!

Also I wanted to pass on the website I mentioned in my last entry: You can print off any passage/verse in the bible and have it at your fingertips to read, fold up, mark up and memorize whatever your heart desires! Check it out!

One last thing, we are on for KNITTING!! Saturday, February 4th from 10-3:00 p.m. all JUNIOR GIRLS are invited to come hang out, be crazy, eat, knit, crochet (or learn). Amanda shakin' Bacon and Merry Doner will be there to impart their knitting knowledge and techniques with us! It'll be at my housesitting place, email or call for directions! SEE YOU THERE!!

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