Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

Woohoo! So I have just been introduced to the wonderful world of blogs! Hmmmm, what to add on the first day of 2006? I rarely watch TV but find myself multi-tasking between making this blog and watching the very educational show, "Myth Busters."

I am not getting married, having babies (good thing), or buying a house (yet), but I AM in the midst of planning a trip to South Africa this summer to visit my good friends James and Ella Embree. The purpose, you ask, for a trip such as this?? Well, let me tell you. I am going solo this summer to spend time experiencing every day life with them, encourage them, do ministry with them and plan a short-term trip to take my junior (will be senior) youth girls on next summer...2007.

I am also planning a trip to NC this March to visit Sarah and Ashley Brown and meet their new little man Liam and see their awesome "big girl" Charlotte Rose! Lord willing, I will see my old roommate, Tonya in the mix.


k said...

Happy New Year Anita! I am so excited that you are going to Africa this summer. It would be such an intense and awesome senior trip. I can totally imagine all of us girls on the plane ride knitting together. how cool!

k said...

sorry - I forgot it doesnt show my name. see you tomorrow - sammy

Tabianne said...

Yay!! I'm sooo excited that you've entered the world of blogging! ;) I haven't exactly been very faithful to posting myself (*blushes* I haven't blogged since October), but I love checking up on others! ^^ Have fun! I most likely won't see you Tuesday because I have bball practice. Hope you had a wonderful holiday season! xoxoxo