Sunday, January 08, 2006

For my GIRLS!

Since I've up-ed the anty and entered the world of blogging I decided to designate a specific spot to all my junior girls!! Happy New Year ladies!

For those that were gone over break we had a holiday slumber party bash eating junk food to our heart's content and beyond, playing Disney Trival Pursuit, had a crazy sock exchange (they sell EVERYTHING now for your feet!), pillow fights, and of course, talk time. Jeanetta, Amanda and I LOVED having that time with you gals. There will be more to come!

I'm not big on making "new year's resolutions." I just set goals throughout the year and go for it, BUT occassionally that falls on New Years. One of my personal goals this year is to get back into the habit of consistent scripture memory. The Word is the ONLY piece of offensive armor that we have as followers of Christ(Ephesians 6:10-18), our ONE spiritual weapon to fight with, all the rest are defensive pieces, so WHY do I so often leave my weapon out of the picture?? Laziness I guess. My goal is to choose one chapter or passage each month to read, study, really know and understand and MEMORIZE it! This month I am focusing on John 15:1-17. I emailed a website out last month that you can print off any verse or passage you want and have it at your fingertips to look at, write on, highlight and memorize. I'll find the site again and add it in. I know others of you are memorizing scripture too, way to go girls!

For those of you on SALT (student leadership team) I will see you this Saturday, 14th at your retreat! I've been asked to share on the topic of prayer. I'm looking forward to that time with you guys and the opportunity to share what the Lord has impressed on my heart.

CALLING ALL KNITTERS!! We are planning (likely the first weekend in Feb.) a "knit-in" day. What is this you ask?? A day to hang out and knit and crochete (sp?)together. You can bring a project you're already working on or start something new. You say, I don't know how?? PERFECT!! We will have people there to TEACH you how! If you have any interest in knitting...COME!! We want to SEE you and have a blast being domestic with you! More on that later...

Hope you all had a fantastic holiday break!

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Tabianne said...

You're going to be there on Saturday?! How cool! Looking forward to seeing you at SALT then! :-) Too bad I couldn't make it to the sleepover :( sounds like you had fun!