Sunday, January 29, 2006

Bound for South Africa!

Woohoo!! My exciting news of the day...after spending an hour on the phone with an AK airline personnel, I offcially have a round trip to South Africa this summer! A little update for those who don't know, I am going to visit friends that are missionaries in Durban to scout out and plan a short-term trip for some of the youth at my church to go on next summer, 2007. I will be going solo and am excited for the adventure of traveling alone.

My general itinerary you ask?? Let me tell you...I leave Anchorage at the crack of o'thirty on July 25th, fly to Los Angeles, then London, Cape Town, arriving in Durban on the 27th. A little bit of flight time involved! I'll get to spend 2 weeks with the Embrees and will return home by a similar route but have a 3 day layover in London to "debrief." I get back to Anchorage early on August 16th, the day I start work...I'm thinking that'll have to be a leave day to recoup from jet lag! My purpose for the debrief is to tour the area some and find a good spot to debrief with the youth before we come back from our mission trip next summer.

My church is sending me out and is supporting me by providing the plane ticket, nearly 3/4 the cost of my trip, thank you WBC! I am excited to see a dream of 4 years start to come to fruition. I hope to update my blog while I am gone, so stay tuned!

If you've ever been to London and have any tips, hot spots, tourist feedback I'd love to hear it! Also, if you've ever been to Africa and have any additional travel/prep tips pass 'em along!

Here is the Embree's website, the family I will be staying with. Check it out and get to know their ministry in South Africa!


Kari Smith said...

Praise the Lord for this chance to go and "explore" missions in Africa! You know I am excited for you and wish that I was able to be a stow-away in your suitcase...but alas, I'm not sure that Africa is ready for both Kari and Anita at the same time! I do look forward to the stories and the post cards (hint, hint!). Love you!

ella said...

Cool! that is so fun. we get Anita!!