Friday, May 29, 2009


In twenty-eight days I will become Mrs. Mosier! Our wedding is fast approaching. I am going to be MARRIED, I am going to have a HUSBAND! That is exciting and scary and amazing and crazy all at the same time. I feel totally at peace about the man God has chosen for me. The crazy and scary part is that my life will forever be changing after 31 years of singleness.

We have been seeing a couple for premarital counseling over the past month plus and I am learning so much . . . about myself, about marriage, about how to love and submit to a husband and what my role will be. Areas of sin in my life that I have done my best to bury have come to a head. Selfishness, self-centered thinking and acting are a couple of biggies I am dealing with currently. I have had 13 years of adult life with myself being #1 as far as decision making goes. The amazing thing in all this is that I am quickly gaining a much clearer picture of what Christ's sacrificial love for the Church was. I am completely humbled at a new level.

The man God has given me is a gift beyond what I knew even in January when he proposed. The more I get to know Ben and the more I see him act out his love toward me, always putting me first, always uplifting and encouraging me, always looking out for my best interest the more I am blown away that God would choose to bless me with such a man. Ben is a RARE find. I have met a "couple" of men over the past 13 years and none compare to him. I am grateful to God for giving me such a loving, patient and godly man.

This past Wednesday at our premarital session the couple counseling us gave us this sign as a wedding gift. I love it and look forward to hanging it in our new apartment tomorrow. We decided to find a place to rent before we left so we can come HOME to a home and not be unpacking a storage space in August. We are renting a place just north of where I am now in Castaic in the same complex that Ashley Ryan/Merhinger lives in! Small world. I move in tomorrow and Ben will move in on the 10th when I leave for Alaska. We are EXCITED to establish a new home together and are counting down these last 28 days!! God is so GOOD!!

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bacon lady said...

It IS fast approaching, Badita!!! Can't wait!!! :) Amanda