Saturday, May 02, 2009

a little R & R

In a mere 5 weeks and 21 more IEP meetings I will be done with my first semester of full time speech pathology in Southern CA and on my way back to AK to finishing wedding plans! WOOHOO! I am getting MARRIED this summer!! I can't wait!

Ben has one more week of finals this coming week and then he will work full time for his extermination co. and help with future plans (i.e. finding a place for us to move into when we get back the end of July). :) That will be a double blessing for both of us b/c we will have more time TOGETHER. He lives about 30 min. from me w/ no traffic (1-2 hrs.) with traffic so there are times during the week especially weeks preceeding finals that we don't see each other much.

Today to take a break from the busyness we spent a quiet and relaxing afternoon at one of the pools in my neighborhood. There are 3 pools that I have access to w/in two blocks of my condo, NICE. There was one other woman at the pool today so we basically had the place to ourselves. Quite, sunny and RELAXING the perfect Saturday.

I'm adding some fun pics I got from a friend who is currently overseas of some China beaches, something quite different from our experience today. If you ever need a little break and some R & R in China . . . make your reservations EARLY! And also enjoy some smog with your sun. :)

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