Saturday, May 02, 2009

Ben's birthday

I am a month + overdue in updating my blog so these posts are little . . . late. Ben's 28th birthday was April 22. The Friday prior to that they had a "teacher night" discount for all employees in my school district to go to Six Flags for $15 a person (myself and all family and friends we wanted). YES!

For those who don't know me one of my FAVORITE things to do is ride BIG ROLLERCOASTERS!!! I LOVE rollercoasters and I now live literally 7 miles from a Six Flags, providence perhaps?? :) This is also one of the perks to working and living in a big city. I am not a fan of cities but discount nights to Six Flags are pretty fun.

Tickets are normally $65 per person so we both got in that night for $30! Because it was off season there were also NO lines. We road coasters from 6:30-10 p.m. straight until I had a massive headache from all the jarring and shaking. I loved every minute! I also realized this is a benefit of lines, you have so much time waiting in between rides that you don't get headaches from the G-forces.

Ben had never been on BIG coasters so it was a first for him. A nice change of pace from the Tea Cups that he almost lost his dinner over during my b-day weekend at Disney Land. :) Yes, we are kids at heart!

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