Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Our Home

This weekend Ben helped me move my stuff into our new apartment. It has been a blast to nest and finally have a "home." I have been a gypsy of sorts since graduating high school with 5 years of house sitting, living in apartments with roommates across the country and moving regularly. It is true that a woman needs to nest and build a home. I love having a place that is going to be OURS together. This has been a fun pre-wedding transition b/c it makes the whole thing more real and one step closer. I am still unpacking and the only piece of real furniture we own is a bed . . . the fastest move we'll probably ever have from here on out! :)

I'm adding some pictures of our first dinner in our apartment last night . . . mainly for my mom but also for those who are interested. I'll add more pics later mom so you can see the rest of the place.

I'm getting MARRIED!!!

Pics: Ben being domestic in the kitchen, he CAN cook Dorothy! It may be Kraft Shells and Cheese but he is learning!

Our fancy dining table and paper plates spiced up with our new placemats and napkin rings. Thanks Joanne, Emily and Kathleen!

I'm wearing your new apron Carrie, it's perfect!


cathy said...

I remember the same feeling of being able to set up my own place!! I had 23 roommates after high school and it is a fun thing to have 1... especially when he's your husband!!

Kari Smith said...

Yeah! Your very own place! I am super excited for you guys and am more excited to come crash the Mosier pad in sometime (maybe even next fall?!?)

Ummmm....please don't use the wording nesting in any more posts. It creeps me out!! JK...kinda! ;)

Love you! You are getting MARRIED!!!!!!!!