Tuesday, March 10, 2009

friends and photos . . .

cala lilies

Carrie and I at the Descanzo Gardens (on the way to Pasadena) things were just starting to bloom

something beautiful that blooms in Japanese gardens (apple blossoms??) Carrie knows, I forgot


Last week one of my best buds from Alaska, Carrie Lambing, came to visit. Carrie is marked as "my travel buddy" on this blog and I must say she of all my friends knows how to travel and make the most of life.

After finishing photography school this past summer in Montana she traveled around with her parents while they visited family helping take care of her dad who is battling cancer. When the states got too dull the three of them made a three week trek down to Brazil to visit family who are serving as missionaries. The day after getting back to Arizona, her most current home base she flew to LA to see me for 6 days.

I am thankful for her time it was great to have more AK visitors to help figure out wedding details AND have an engagement photo shoot! Yes, Carrie is officially a professional photographer and Ben and I got to reap the benefits of her shooting skills this weekend. She took over 480 photos that I narrowed down to 134 favorites that she will later narrow down (somehow) to 60 and then post on her website so we can purchase them . . . and any interested family.

Carrie's visit coincided with the Shepherds conference here at MacArthurs church, where Ben and I attend. It was a doubly blessed week with friends from Faith Bible: Ethan and Chris, Mike and Dalea, Darren, Chris and Heidi Rogey. For those who don't recognize those names they are all people that will be involved in our wedding in June. The week was filled with amazing fellowship!

P.S. For a sneak preview of our photo shoot check Carrie's blog!

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