Sunday, February 15, 2009

Maid of Honor

our first attempt at using our new "skookie" makers . . . skillet cookies, AMAZING!


senior photo shoot pose

having a little fun with the art at the Getty (Los Angeles)

the original Van Gogh "Iris" painting, $53 + million, Who decides the price of art anyway and who gets the royalties when the artist is dead??? Inquiring minds want to know.

Kari and I on the ferris wheel

Ben and I on the ferris wheel at the Santa Monica Pier, Valentines Day

for those Alaskans that are needing some sunshine and warmer temps Southern California is not a bad place to be right now :)

One of my best friends and maid of honor in my wedding came to visit this week, Kari Smith. She got here Wednesday and is hear for one entire week! It has been GREAT to enjoy my 4 day weekend with her. We've done some wedding planning, tried on b-maid dresses, looked at decorations, gone shopping, taken a trip out to the beach and Santa Monica Pier and even had a couple of movie and brownie nights! I am thoroughly enjoying her visit and enjoying the time off work to tackle wedding stuff! YAHOO, I am getting MARRIED this JUNE to an AMAZING MAN!!


cousin jennifer said...

Love the Getty! Miss the Getty. Jealous...

Kari Smith said...

What an amazing time I had with you while I was there! I only wish our times could be more frequent, but I am thankful that the Lord continues to grow and sustain this friendship despite the miles and time that separate us. I love you dear friend and loved talking/shopping/planning wedding with you!

ace said...

Thanks for taking the time off work and spending some extra $$ to make the trip. I loved having you here! Come again next winter when you've hit the MN winter blues. Miss you!

Jackie said...

Anita--It's Jackie from IV. (I was a Senior when you started in IV and I hung out for one year after). I found your blog through Kari's. Congrats on your engagement!