Monday, February 09, 2009


My mom took some time off work to spend a long weekend in LA and dress shop last week. We had a GREAT time and got some major things figured out like finding my dress and my bridesmaid dresses. I loved having her here. There are some essentials in life that are meant as life long memory making moments between a mother and daughter ballet recitals, proms, babies/grandchildren (no I am NOT pregnant), and wedding dress shopping. Like my mom said, "Even if you don't find THE dress while I'm here I still want to be part of the experience." I am so thankful to have had that time with her.

When she left I had a harder time than I expected. I'm a pretty independent live, move, travel across the world alone kind of woman but this is a once in a life time event that made me sad, a little, to be planning so far from home. Far from my family, far from a bridesmaids (although 3 out of 5 live in different states around the country). There was just a part of me that wanted to be "home" again and plan near my family.

Ben knew that this was a hard goodbye and realization (distance) for me so that week he had a dozen BEAUTIFUL red roses sent to my work. This is not just an ordinary task b/c I cover two schools and swap days so he had to sneak a little info out of me earlier to know where I would be the day he had them delivered. He totally surprised me and made my week! Being far away is tough at times but it is GOOD. I have found a man that I can and want to share all of my life with and he demonstrates his love to me in evident ways. I am blessed and glad to be near my man. Thanks for loving me like you do Ben! You're the very best!

P.S. Mom and I DID find my dress!

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