Wednesday, March 18, 2009

profound statements from 2nd graders . . .

One of my roommates teaches 2nd grade at a private Christian school in Santa Clarita. We were going over some of her spelling test papers tonight and I thought I'd share a few. The bold words were the target spelling word, the rest is their conscious flow of thought. Enjoy!

* I ALMOST did the splits at the gym.

* I ALMOST ate the spoon instead of the rice.

* I like COUNTRY music when I get sad.

* I live in a free COUNTRY and I am happy.

* Everybody lives on EARTH except aliens.

* I ALMOST lied yesterday but I bit my tongue.

* Adam and Eve BEGAN living before all of us.

* I live in the north which is ABOVE the south.

* The roof on the house is ABOVE the people inside the house.

* Yesterday I ALMOST got picked when I raised my hand.

* The FORM of a tissue box is a rectangle.

* HOWEVER, Charlotte is going to save Wilbur's life.

* I like it when my teacher gives an EXAMPLE.

* HOWEVER, my sister is a little funny.

* An EXAMPLE of God's love is that he came down to save us. (so true)

* I will eat a cupcake DURING bath time.

* I don't think there are any ghosts in the WHOLE world.

* I once HEARD that Wilbur is still going to die.

And a final post for the evening, two answers from a Charlotte's web test.

"An example of Charlotte's friendship is she went to the fair with Wilbur even thoe she was having an egg sack. This is a good example of friendship because it is not easy to move when you are pregnet and she did it with a good additude."
~ Austin, age 8


Jackie said...

THose are great. I love the almost did ones the best!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

These were all great! I love the thoughts that go through kids' minds!

Jenn said...

thanks for posting this, anita! how fun:)