Saturday, March 28, 2009

Disney Land

in front of the Fantasy Land castle

in line for the tea cups!

Gettin' reved up

Peter Pan ride

So I am taking advantage of Southern CA perks and went to Disney Land for my birthday yesterday. Admission on your birthday is free and being that mine fell on a Friday this year I thought what better time to go. The perfect part? I had a speech path conference that day in Lakewood, Southern LA (15 miles from Anaheim) and Ben's work site that day was about 20 miles away.

After my conference ended, about 3 p.m. Ben picked me up and we headed over to the park for a night at the happiest place on earth! The last time I went to Disney Land was in 1985 when I was 7 years old. Much I'm sure has been redone but somethings never changes. Our favorite family ride the "tea cups" still very much a hit. Dad, Dave and I used to go on them over and over to see who could get going the fastest while mom watched and took pics. Tea cups made mom extremely motion sick. Ben had a similar experience when we got off. I was pumped to get our cup spinning and about half way into the ride he leaned over about ready to hurl. We "slowed the spinning pace" and he kept his food down but it took a few minutes after the ride for him to feel normal again. :)

It's a Small World, mom's favorite was still the same as I remember. Ben and I also went on the Peter Pan ride to reminisce the past, he loved it! We both thought it was too short though. We also hit Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean and Indiana Jones. We left the park just before it closed at midnight. It was a looooonng day but SO fun and memorable. The perfect way to celebrate my last birthday "single." I'm getting MARRIED! Yahoo!

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