Saturday, November 18, 2006

youth leader reunion

This past Monday I took off work to recoup from the youth retreat...I don't bounce back like I used to in HS. The blessing about that day was I was able to reconnect with Tosha, a former youth leader of the senior girls.

Tosha was back in AK visiting family for a week. Her sister Tammy had a baby girl a couple months ago and her dad recently had a bad fall at work (broken back, ribs, shoulder, etc.) so she came to spend time with them and help out.

We ended up going out to Amanda's house to surprise her and see the Bacon bits (Drew, Gavin and Morgan). We had a great time catching up a little on life before she headed to Anchorage to fly back to CO. The fun news is she may be moving back to AK this summer!

I'll add the pic later...the DSL at my new "house" is as slow as molasses! :)

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