Friday, November 03, 2006

back at bunko...

Last night was our November bunko bash at Laurie's house. There were some GREAT gets ups there! Sarah Coke dressed up as Pippy Longstocking...braids straight out, freckles, the whole bit. Shantel Peppard (9 mos pregnant) had a deflated, inflatable soccer ball taped around her stomach. Rachel Kroon (also 9 mos. pregnant) was a farmer. Laurie dressed in 80s attire. Another sub dressed as a gypsie. Amanda, Jenny and I dressed up as a 3 man dance team. The costumes are ones we borrowed from CHS for a routine our Sr. girls will be doing at our fall retreat next weekend.

Again, the evening was filled with much socializing, snacking, and little playing dice. After 3 rounds we called it a night. By our next bunko there will be two new babies added to the group! Blessings on you Rach and Shantel! Hang in there these final couple weeks!

I'll add a picture later. For some reason it's not letting me right now.

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