Tuesday, November 14, 2006

fall retreat...

This past Friday, Saturday and Sunday was our annual fall youth retreat down in Soldotna at Solid Rock Bible Camp. A grand finale retreat for my senior girls! A bitter sweet time to say the least. Every Saturday night at these retreats we have a big "American Idol Rock Star" talent/no talent show. It is one of the highlights of the weekend and this year we were hard pressed to not be outdone. There are prizes for best serious talent and best silly talent.

Amanda, former WHS and UAA cheerleader, coached our team on to victory! She choreographed a fun routine to "Cotton Eye Joe." We ended up being able to borrow the "fantastic in pink" dance costumes from a local high school (a free-bee off Ebay) somehow. Anywhoo, the costumes got us on the path to a cowgirl dance team with those gross fake hill billy teeth. It was FABULOUS!! We spent the better part of Friday night fine tuning our moves and routines...THANKS AMANDA!! Who knew cheerleading would still be paying off?? At the end of the dance we had a large part of the crowd up front square dancing with us. It was a riot!

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