Saturday, March 25, 2006

Birthday Blessings

I met up with nine of my girl friends this afternoon at Evangelos Restaurant to celebrate my birthday. I don't realize sometimes how blessed I am with so many friends, from all walks of life...married, single, friends in ministry, friends from work, friends from way back. It was a great time to hang out, catch up and eat great food! My lunch and desert was paid for by the owner and his former boss. I worked at Evangelos for 4 years just out of high school. I went to thank them for my lunch and Diana, Angelo's wife, gave me a dozen long stemmed roses to say, "happy birthday!" It was a complete surprise to me and added to the specialness of the some ways though it doesn't surprise me because that is just Diana's nature. She is always giving, going above and beyond with hostessing and making people feel loved. Thanks Diana and Angelo! Thanks too, to all my friends who stopped by to celebrate with me!


bacon bit mama said...

Glad you had a special birthday lunch, sorry I missed it!! Wow, how nice ~ roses!! Happy Birthday, friend..

ace said...

Missed you at lunch, but loved the John Deere running socks!! Can't wait to use 'em!