Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pizza competition

Round one of the evening's taste testing

Our official ballots

Let the cooking begin!

Mark and Ben cooking the meat for their pizzas

Sarah and Ben working on their own pizzas

sculpting our Pilsbury dough

the first place team hard at work with Thanksgiving leftovers

first pizza in . . . we had the oven working over time that night

Ben and my pig pizza

Larry giving his "winners" speech

Of course there were activities and "events" planned throughout our Kroon Thanksgiving. One was an annual kickball game. This year it was rather humorous. No team scored so we "tied" at zero zero. It was fun to play though. The last time I remember playing kickball was in middle school. Good times.

Sarah and Teagen came up with a new idea/tradition they want to continue to have a home made pizza competition. SO, Friday night we all went to the grocery store to get secret ingredients for our pizzas and then took over the kitchen making 7 pizzas. It was crazy, crowded and a blast! Most of us worked in teams. The pizza's were scored on three areas, presentation, originality and taste. Ben and I made a pig shaped pizza with pepperoni, yellow peppers, and olives (for the mud). Ben Kroon made an Italian sausage and veggie pizza, Sarah Kroon made a cheeseburger pizza that took second place. Marlene and Sarah's mom made the first place winner and most original unique pizza by far. They used Thanksgiving leftovers to make a cream cheese, turkey and cranberry pizza. Surprisingly it was REALLY good, more of a desert pizza flavor but very tasty. Mark and Joani made a chicken and some kind of specialty cheese pizza that was fabulous (my favorite) and took third place. Larry and Brittany pulled up the rear with a Papa Murphy's pepperoni pizza and BBQ chicken wings as an appetizer. We had Henry Weinhard's root beer to wash it all down.

Larry was hillarious. He had a speak all written out on his napkin ready to go for first place and gave it anyway even after taking last. We were STUFFED to the rim with pizza by the end of the night! Ben and I took off back for home shortly after. We were glad to be a part of the first annual pizza making competition. Great idea guys!

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Joani said...

It was so fun to see you! It was smoked gouda cheese on the pizza - it makes just about anything taste yummy! Love ya!