Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving blessings!

The Kroon crew

Ella on the trampoline (Ben and Sarah's little girl)

Allison (Mark and Joani's little girl, she was 2 weeks old at our wedding)

little Miss Allison with her looong eyelashes, she is a cutie!

Mark, Joani, Ben and me

Ben and Sarah

Teags and Britt being . . . Teags and Britt :)

Grandpa Kroon and Ella

Grandma Kroon and Allison

Bean bag toss, Ben and Ben were a team and Teags and Brittany were a team

A group of us playing a new game called "Bang" it was addicting! We played for about 5 hours!

This Thanksgiving was filled with blessings. The biggest blessing and change is it was our first Thanksgiving married!!

On our way to the Kroon's to celebrate the day I got a text from Ashley Mehringer (Ryan) saying that our friend Amy (from a previous post) had her baby boy. Over the course of Amy's pregnancy doctors said they suspected their boy would be born with Down's Syndrome or hydrocephalas (water on the brain). We all have been praying A LOT for a healthy baby for Amy and Bart. We found out that little Clive was born 2 weeks early 100% healthy! A HUGE Thanksgiving blessing!

The day continued to be filled with blessings as we got to Ben and Sarah Kroon's and started a two day reunion. Joani, Mark and Allison were down from Oregon. Brittany, Lary and Marlene came down from Alaska and Teagen drove over for the day too! We had a big Thanksgiving feast and party at Sarah Kroon's parents place in San Pedro (Southern LA). Larry said part way through the day, "Who would have guessed 10 years ago we would all be celebrating Thanksgiving together in Southern, CA?" It IS interesting where life takes you and how paths continue to cross. This was definitely a memorable 1st Thanksgiving together. Thanks Kroon's for inviting us to celebrate with you!!

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Kari Smith said...

Baby Allison is even more ADORABLE than she was at your wedding! How is that possible?!?!