Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Washington Reception


Kristy, Evan (Ben's best friend from childhood and a groomsmen), Ben and me

Our "first dance" was at this reception, Thanks Tina!

We've spent the last week in Washington visiting Ben's family. This past Sunday his dad and Tina held a really special reception for us at their house. I got to meet a lot of Ben's extended family for the first time along with life long friends that he's grown up with. They also had a dance for us since we couldn't dance at our wedding. It was really special. Ben also got a personal favorite wedding gift, a new (to him) Colt Kodiak 44 Magnum. His close friend and surrogate dad Craig gave it to him as an "heirloom" gift. I don't know anything really about guns but his brother was drooling over it and is glad that Ben will be leaving it this year in WA b/c CA is so tight right now about owning and transporting guns.


Jennifer said...

I'm glad you had such a great time seeing Alaska and got to squeeze in some mission work at the end of your honeymoon. That is a very uniquely 'Anita' story!

I'm going to have less flexibility in my schedule soon, but will definitely be down in Santa Clarita sometime in the next month or two to see Kathy. We'll have to have dinner or something while I'm there.

ace said...

We would love to see you so keep us posted. You can crash at our place any time!