Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Our new desk

Our new kitchen table, the perfect size for a little dining room!

Four days before I left to fly back to AK to start final wedding preparations Ben got a call back from a seminary posting he'd checked into inquiring about some furniture. Long story short the Saturday before I left we met with the family for breakfast and they gave us a fouton, huge desk, nice dresser drawer, two lamps and a toaster for FREE! I woke up that morning with my nesting woman's mind thinking about some of the amenities I'd really enjoy having to make our new little apartment more of a "home" and 30 min. later literally Ben called and said this family he emailed that had posted furniture on the online seminary postings called and wanted to meet us and may have some stuff we'd want.

What a blessing! Later that afternoon in our running around we stopped by another seminary friend's house that was moving out and we bought their kitchen table for super cheap! Our Saturday turned into a furniture day that has nearly furnished our place even BEFORE we left to come back for the wedding! God is faithful and we are thankful for his many blessings!

Another cool blessing, a week later while Ben was settling in after I left his roommate gave him a big new bookshelf that he didn't want so now we have a new bookshelf too . . . for FREE! Amazing! Thank you Lord for your provision!

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