Monday, December 01, 2008


Ben and me

John and Tammi celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary

Ben and me

Midnight shopping at Concord Mills! Britt worked all night long midnight to 8 a.m.

someone I am thankful for . . .


Charlotte, NC at John and Tammi's house

This Thanksgiving was an absolute blast and blessing. Ben flew out from LA for the entire week. We both took a break from the craziness of class and work to tour the area, hang out with family, and have time TOGETHER! I have to admit long distance realtionships are not ideal. We spent the first couple days in Columbia where I live, toured the seminary, met my friends and then spent a day in Charleston, SC before driving back up to Charlotte, NC to spend the rest of the week at my aunt and uncle's house (John and Tammi) and some of my cousins.

Highlights from the week, time with Ben, a double date in Charleston with Mike and Cindy, friends from CIU, card nights with family, reading a book with Ben, eating lots of amazing food, midnight shopping with everybody, taking walks with Ben, white water rafting at the olympic training center in Charlotte, talking with Ben, wrapping up my week going to see "Australia" with my aunt Tammi. It was a week filled with blessing but also some emotion. After praying and seeking out options this week in regard to seminary Ben and I decided to stay/go to CA. We'd discussed the possibility of hiim moving to SC to finish seminary but he would lose several credits in the transfer so I am looking forward to a road trip with my dear friend Joanna to LA in 11 days but I am also sad to say good bye to everyone here. It is a bitter sweet time of change. I can't wait to live near Ben and be a part of his world in CA but I also am sad to leave so many great friends that I have made in the past 18 months here in SC.

Right now I am back in action wrapping up several papers, projects and preparing for two final exams along with packing up, shipping stuff to AK and CA, meeting with friends one last time, and continuing to fill out and pursue jobs in CA. It is a busy season! I hope this Thanksgiving has been a blessing to all! For those in AK I will be home with Ben Dec. 18-28th and would love to see as many of you as possible.


Rachel said...

Happy, happy times! I am so thrilled for you 2! You are a very happy and super cute couple- what a fabulous Thanksgiving!

hashbrowns said...

I'm just catching up with your pictures- I'm so grateful for the internet and blogs! You guys look great and I can't wait to see you two. And I love Charleston- I am a little envious right now! That might be one of the world's best cities for a double date.