Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mud Run

Group hose down...notice the garbage pile of shoes and socks


Post race pic...candidates for a Tide commercial

Gayle and me after our trudge through mud trenches under the jeeps

Me, Gayle, Rick Higgins, Stephanie

This weekend I had a break in action from school related stuff. Friday night I went to a Grad Life retreat about 45 min. from campus. One of my housemates and I along with a couple other people had the opportunity to lead worship that night and were blessed by it. The speakers were encouraging and the time with other grad studens was refreshing.

Saturday morning I ran in a race called the "Mud Run" with one of my profs and two other girls. The Mud Run is a HUGE race in Columbia on one of the military bases down here. You run 4 miles with a team of 4 through 39 different obstacles, everything from climbing walls, swinging on rope swings over trenches, swiming though mud trenches, to crawling on your belly through the mud under huge jeeps. I have never been so dirty in all my life. It was GREAT!!! I had a blast and would do it again next year in a heart beat. I was asked by my prof (he teaches one of my classes) if I'd consider joining his team this year b/c they were one man short. I said yes not knowing initially that one of his teammates last year fell off one of the obstacles (cargo net wall) broke his wrist and knocked himself unconscious. Another man last year died of cardiac arrest in the middle of the race! We prayed for safety and all of us made it through with minimal scrapes AND we had a GREAT time! Teams are seeded and we started a little after 11:00 a.m. in 90 degree sunshine!! The mud was a welcome retreat to the heat!

One of my friends came along to photograph the event. I've got a few from my camera here but will add some more when I get the full CD of pics.

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Kari Smith said...

That looks like so much fun!!!! I may have to make the trek down to SC next year just to particiapte!! :)