Thursday, September 27, 2007

ministry update

Contrary to popular belief and blog entries, I am going to seminary and I am busy with classes and ministry. I've had the opportunity the past two weekends to compete in a couple of races which were a blessing and much needed break in the action. This weekend is going to be a little different and I am even more excited for the things that are in store.

Friday night one of my small group (China small group) teammates and I are having a sushi dinner with 5 of our Chinese high school girls to celebrate (belated) Chinese Fall Festival...the Moon Festival. We are going to hang out, make dinner together and then have a short Gospel presentation. Saturday we are going with ALL of our students to the's a discount day for school and college students. This will be a time of low key fellowship and getting to know each other better. Sunday is our week to go to the Chinese Church together. The students can go to a church in their heart language 1x a month (the reason being wanting to learn and push English most of the time in their program). Anita and I will be leading them in our Sunday school time through the story of the Prodigal Son making it interactive and culturally relevant...teens from China!

Please pray for this coming weekend and all that HE has in store. This past week the two guys on our China team had a dinner with some of the guy students and 3 of them inquired about believing in God and made decisions to follow him. Please pray for their growth as new Christians, for discipleship and follow up to take place in a culturally relevant way. I am EXCITED to be able to work with these students and look forward to all that this semester and year holds! Thank you for your prayer support, our team is eternally grateful!!

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