Sunday, September 16, 2007

lookin' for a church home

I have been reminded that moving involves a lot of place, new friends, new work/school, new culture (south!), and a new church. I've got to 4 over the past few weeks and am still praying and seeking where the best fit would be for me. Today I went to Gateway Baptist, a larger church abou 30 minutes from my house. A friend of mine in class, Ben, is the Young Professionals pastor at this church and he recommended it to me.

I came to find out as I sat and reviewed my bulletin this morning that this is the same church Adam Brown is a youth pastor at! After reading the pastoral list I looked around a little and spotted Adam and Connie over a couple sections from me. After church I went over and caught up with them. Adam is Ashley Brown's brother. He and Connie just had their first baby, Josiah 2 months ago. He, by the way, is ADORABLE! He looks a lot like Adam to me.

Anyway, it was fun to meet some "familiar" faces in a far away place. I do have to say though it was a little weird not having Sarah and Ashley there too. The last time I saw Adam and Connie was at Thanksgiving at the Browns. I MISS not having the other Brown's here too!! Guess I'll have to get my Sarah fix in December!

For those who are praying for me, please continue to pray for wisdom on where to plug in to church. I will be going to the Chinese church with our students every last Sunday of the month, but am looking for another church to plug into on a regular basis.

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hashbrowns said...

I miss you, dear friend. I just want you to know that. Our little conversation the other day was good and I've been reflecting over a bunch of the things you said-- especially the part about doing what we do to be transformed. I know your professors meant being in class, but that applys to everything. Church membership and Bible study participation and friendships and prayer... doing it all to be transformed. I'm so grateful for your friendship, Anita.