Saturday, May 07, 2011

green thumb?

So I am attempting my first garden this summer. I'm optimistic but not setting my hopes too high because I kill most house plants. My one bonus to doing it is there are several people at FBF (my church) who are master gardeners and they have promised to help answer my questions and give pointers as I set out the end of this month to move it all outside.

Not wanting to out do myself my first shot at it I started my plants inside the beginning of April but I'm cheating and planning on buying flowers from a green house to put out in the yard. I have three beds around our house (youth building) that supposedly do really well. Two of the beds are south facing and get tons of day light all summer. Soooooo, we'll see!

The pics are of my winter squash selection (butternut and spaghetti squash) and tomato plants. I'm also planning on planting summer squash, zucchini and lettuce along with an herb garden.

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Kari Smith said...

The garden looks good so far! I hope it goes well and that I can find time to come up and eat some of the fruits of your labor...or should I say veggies of your labor! ;)