Saturday, May 07, 2011


Emma, me, Cheyanne

the Stahle crew

Connie, Hannah, Grandma Hogan

This morning I went to a ballet recital in Anchorage that one of my youth girls, Cheyanne was performing in. I actually ended up knowing several girls in the recital some from FBF and some from WBC.

Years ago I was in ballet and I LOVED it. I'm not artsy in many aspects of life but I love, absolutely love music and dance. One of my favorite "fun" things to do is go to performing arts events and recitals. My parents and I drove in to Anchorage together b/c they wanted to see the Hannah Stahle and Emma Burris perform.

Cheyanne, one of my girls here at FBF is going to Utah for two months this summer to a ballet academy to study ballet with professionals and do some performances. Yep, she is AMAZING, leaps and bounds better than I ever was. Emma and Hannah are incredible too. It was a morning well spent!

This is a random after thought, as I was posting I remembered a time when I used to baby sit Hannah and her older brother Wade when they were first born. Now Hannah is just shy of 6'0" and is a junior in HIGH SCHOOL! When did that happen? She is a beautiful, accomplished young lady. I can't believe she will be graduating next year!

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