Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Pies

Strawberry Rhubarb


French Apple

I decided to test my domestic skills this holiday and make all my pies from scratch. Yes from SCRATCH . . . home made pumpkin pie, strawberry rhubarb pie and french apple pie. Homemade crusts, hand picked and chopped rhubarb, fresh baked pumpkin with spices added, but sadly no hand picked or home grown apples here in AK.

I've had success in the past with Joani Curtis' apple pie recipe, a favorite of mine now but I have never tried pumpkin or strawberry rhubarb before. I took the strawberry rhubarb pie and one of the pumpkin pies to a Thanksgiving service at church tonight. I sampled a piece of the rhubarb pie and it was surpisingly excellent! To be truthful I'm not a rhubarb fan so I figured I could try this one out at a desert potluck and someone who DOES like rhubarb can enjoy it. To my surprise I may like rhubarb (with other fruit added) after all! The apple and other pumpkin pie will be taste tested tomorrow at my parents house for Thanksgiving which also happens to fall this year on my mom's birthday. :) Happy Birthday mom!


Rachel said...

You GO girl! I am impressed with your domestic skills. All I'm bringing to our feast is... veggies/dip, Sparkling cider and raspberry pretzel jello salad. I think I would be majorly stressed if I was in charge of the pies!!! ;o)

Kari Smith said...

Nice work Anita! Those pies look incredible! I made my first pumpkin pies from scratch and real pumpkin this Thanksgiving, although I choose not to attempt homemade crust.